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『Gloria Hetalia!―君の未来を繋ぐ旅―』

I was cleaning my desktop and I came across this demo game Gloria Hetalia!―君の未来を繋ぐ旅― I downloaded a while ago but never got around to playing. After such and such, it led to this...

This is a FAN-MADE Axis Powers Hetalia game and just a short demo of the full-game.

Well, enjoy~ THIS IS NOT A WALK-THROUGH OR COMPLETE SUMMARY. I lied, this ended up being a walk-through. But there are still probably most likely lots of translation errors, so don't quote me on these!!

***Download information at the bottom.***

[EDIT!! Thank you for finding the new website link, it is definitely worth the look!! They have a very nice English portion of the site with some background story of the game and info on all the characters, it will make everything below make much more sense!!


Name: "text text" == character dialogue
Name: text == character thoughts
<<text>> == narration
(text) == my thoughts and summaries

Head: "Well then, here's is the priest's room." (I think they mean something like priest or monk, literally says miko/shrine-maiden?)
Veneciano: "Ok"
Head: "Please spend your time in this monastery however you like. Every morning after you pray, you are free to do anything you like during morning-evening-night."
Veneciano: "Thank you very much."

Head: "Also...just to make sure, please be very careful and never go beyond the monastery walls. Well then, please excuse me."

<<This is Veneciano's training mode. The demo's training time period is seven days. (The full version training time period becomes one month.)>>

<<In the training mode, please choose an action from the choices. From choosing an action, Veneciano's status will slowly change. The status doesn't just rise, be careful because sometimes they drop too!>>

(These next two screens will repeat)

Veneciano: "What should I do?"

(The cycle will goes on for about 3 days.)

Austria: "Oya....."
Veneciano: "Ah, good day."
Veneciano: It's the first time I've met someone...I wonder who he is
Austria: "Good day. Are you the priest Veneciano?"
Veneciano: "Yes, that's right..."
Austria: "I apologize for the delay. I was left behind at the Shinto priest school. I am the head's assisstant, Austria."
Veneciano: "So you are Austria-san then. It's nice to meet you."
Austria: "From today onwards, you are to work as a manager. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask me."

<<The option 『Talk』 has been added.>>

Veneciano: "What should I do?"

(Same as before, but now the last option is Talk, which will let you talk to Austria. Sort of, not really...if you click on Talk:)

Austria: "Is something the matter?"

(You can't really save since it's the demo, so to get out of the save screen, just right-click.)

(And if you click on the Status option...)

(I find the statistics cutely amusingly very Italian. XD
I was trying to figure out which options raised which statistics, but it seemed like everything I was doing was just making Veneciano weaker and weaker...meanwhile, his defense was getting insanely high... If you work poor Ita-chan too hard and his HP reaches 0, then you get a message like:)

<<Collapsed from exhaustion.>>

(Yes I killed Ita-chan. It doesn't really matter since it's the demo version, you just keep continuing with the story anyways)

<<Shotalia Compilation>>

Austria: ......
Germany: "......Where do I go?"
Austria: "I understand. Please be silent and come."

(singing Ita-chan is random.)
Germany: "............!"
"From now on, please be the priest's bodyguard. Do you have any questions?"
Germany: "Your name is..........?"
Veneciano: "Hello, Austria-san! Who is this knight?"
Germany: "Ha! From today onwards, I have become your bodyguard. The lowest of the knights, Germany."

Veneciano: "So you are called Germany~ I am Veneciano! Nice to meet you!"

<<And so, that was the meeting with Veneciano.>>

"Hey...I wish you'd stop using such formal language with me"
"I want to be Germany's friend. We're about the same age, but we don't play together. Hey, is it because everyone else is an adult, and I---am a priest...."

<<Smiled lonely, I held Veneciano's hand.>>

"Hey, Germany. What's the place where you used to live like? What kind of feeling was it coming here?"
"Hey hey, Germany. I wonder what the outside world is like. What kind of people are out there, what kind of lives they lead. What kind of flowers bloom, what kind of fragrances there are."

"Hey, Germany......I........it's ok if it's just once, but I want to see the outside world."

<<Surely that's a wish that cannot be granted, because I am in charge of Veneciano. But when was it, that you let the canary fly from your room?>>

"I've always admired the sky from inside the cage. I think that surely I wanted to try flying freely in the sky. So I wanted to be let outside, it looked so wonderful."

<<To talk of projecting myself, my shape, my chest became very pained. That's why it's possible I might not know anything. In order to set Veneciano free into the sky like the little bird-->> (Not sure about the first line...)

<<This must be my ego.>>

Veneciano: "Germany........?"
Veneciano: "Can't I try to see the outside world-?"
Veneciano: "Eh.....?"

(insert 2-second cutscene of running legs. Germany, followed by Italy, and then 3 random soldiers)

Prussia: "Germany!"
Germany: "Shit.....!"
Prussia: "Where are you taking the priest?"
Germany: "Move, Prussia!"
Prussia: "Hmph! Power? Are you doing this for power?"
Germany: "You're wrong! You're laughable and don't even think!?"
Veneciano: "Germany..."
Prussia: "............."
Germany: "From a young age, he's been put behind closed doors, and doesn't know life in the outside world--"
Veneciano: "Germany........!"
Germany: "Is that sort of thing right.....!?"
Prussia: "Aren't you misunderstanding something? That's not a human. This existence is a 'Son of God,' a threat to this world."
Germany: "Don't screw around! So why keep us alive then? If you say that, why don't you kill us!"

Prussia: "That has nothing to do with you."
Germany: "We, even this guy, are just ordinary people who haven't changed! Move, Prussia!" (Thank you!! <3)

Germany: That time, I still didn't know anything. I said I would set the Son of God free, but how--
Also, if expecting fate's same cruelty from before--


***************************DOWNLOAD INFORMATION******************************
+ Go to this website: http://www.vector.co.jp/soft/winnt/game/se439303.html
+ You will see 3 tabs under the title, click on the one to the most right that says: ダウンロード
+ Click on the blue button below that says the same word: ダウンロード
+ It will open to a new window and the download should start immediately.
+ The file is called ghgsample.lzh You need some sort of program to unzip the .lzh file and then you can just click on the .exe file inside the folder to play.
+ You may have to configure your computer settings to play this, I'm not sure. My computer is set on Japan regional settings though, and it works fine on Vista.
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